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Arkhip Kuindzhi
“After the Storm”, (1879)

Church of the Ascension in the village

of Bobryk in Kyiv region. Photo: Alexei Goncharenko

The cultural heritage of any region or country has been subject to destruction by time, nature, or humans throughout time.

Right now Russia is trying to destroy Ukraine, its people, its history and its culture. More than 391 cases of destruction or damage to monuments of architecture, archaeology, religion and history have already been recorded and numbers are going higher. This number includes 70 religious sites, 12 museums, 30 historical buildings, 18 cultural centers, 15 monuments and 7 libraries.

We have found a way to preserve
and protect the heritage of the Ukrainian people.

What is Ukrainian Heritage Hub?

The goal of the project is to preserve Ukrainian cultural heritage from destruction by the Russian army. Thanks to the "Ukrainian Heritage Hub" project, the most advanced and reliable data storage algorithms of blockchain technology will become a reliable protector of Ukraine's national heritage.


This will help preserve priceless examples of architecture, literature, paintings, sculptures and fix on the blockchain the rights of Ukraine as the founder and successor of Kyivan Rus in the digital world, where no one can encroach on it.

Let's preserve our values

Oleksandr Murashko
“Carousel”, 1906

Project Ukrainian
Heritage hub

Saving Ukraine’s
culture on the blockchain

This project is implemented through the creation of a fund that will preserve the heritage of the Ukrainian people and capture on the blockchain the Rights of Ukraine as the founder and successor of Kyivan Rus in the digital world, where no
one can encroach upon it.

Kyivan Rus

How does it work

Existing projects in Ukraine are already focused on digitizing heritage, thus trying to protect it. But they do it locally. In our turn, we will be implementing digitization on a national scale. On top of this, we will use blockchain technologies to give Ukraine the exclusive right to its culture, history, and status as the legal successor of Kyivan Rus.

In this way we secure for Ukraine the right to own something that is already belonged to our country but is in danger of being destroyed.

Project Launch

Group 14424.png

1 step

Finalize Project Scope

2 step

Heritage sites selection

3 step

Artifacts scanning and objects descriptions for the website and app

4 step

Transfer and mint scanned objects
to the blockchain

5 step

Website & app

Every Ukrainian
will be able to use their phones to create 3D objects and send them to the fund for approval and inclusion in the blockchain museum.

Taras Shevchenko “Kateryna”, 1842

Maria Prymachenko “The Beast Walks”, 1972

Let`s preserve
our values


All objects will be divided into categories:


World scale


All objects will be divided into subcategories:


of creation

of creation

of property

to existence

Partners of Ukrainian Heritage Hub


Fundraising for the museum creation and the work of the Foundation will take place in two stages:


Attracting investment from international partners

  • Registration and website creation

  • Creation of the first collections of scanned objects

  • Withdrawal of the fundin the digital environmen

  • Promotional links online /offline


Raising funds from charitable donations

  • Private persons

  • Small and medium-sized businesses

  • International companies and foundations

Channels for raising funds:

Engaging partners

Development of online and offline revenue generation and experiences

Engaging influencers

PR & social media campaigns


Fund creation

1. Foundation

registration; creation of Branding, Website, Social Networks, Team, etc.

2. Engaging partners:

  • international auction platforms

  • international corporations

Objects approval

  • World scale

  • National

  • Regional

Digitization and transformation of national and cultural heritage sites to Blockchain

First of all, this stage includes objects that are threatened, such as works of art, artifacts, museum exhibits, architectural monuments, and other cultural heritage objects.

Bringing the fund into the digital environment

  • Launching of digital advertising campaigns

  • Development of online and offline appearances

  • Engaging Influencers

  • PR campaigns

Transformation of all digitized cultural heritage sites to the blockchain

Digitization of all other objects belonging to Ukraine, including destroyed sites and objects.

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